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Workshop: intro to patching
14:00 — 16:00

In this hour long workshop we will introduce you to eurorack modular synths. First we will lead a discussion and exploration of a simple patch and give you some vocabulary to explore synthesis. After that we will see the incredible range of options a modular synth present us, and look at some patches where we don`t even use an oscillator! Everyone will be encouraged to check out the system, turn knobs, and ask questions. 

Host: Alissa DeRubeis.

Alissa DeRubeis is a curator, educator, and improvisor based in Portland, OR. Alissa works for 4MS Company and is a co-founder of the S1 and Prague Synth Library. She brings her years of experience in the modular community to her passion of creation and exploration with the Synth Libraries as well as her own musical performances, which are under her name, or in collaboration with Yasi Perera in Quite Eyes of Air.

For free registration press "Tickets" button or this link https://maininmain.timepad.ru/event/795045