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Workshop: open modular with Peter Kirn
12:00 — 16:00

Auditorium: E/4-03

Build a playable modular rig for nothing, on a PC:
Learn modular synthesis with free and open tools

The computer is an open canvas for synthesis - you never run out of cables, you never add weight, and you can keep adding modules as long as your ideas (and CPU power) keep up. So in this workshop, we`ll get a chance to explore the possibilities of creating new sounds and musical ideas with modular - even if your budget is zero.

Open to anyone with musical inspiration - no previous modular experience required, though everyone should find something new to learn. All you need is a laptop, Mac, Windows, or Linux.

We`ll have a brief overview of the tool landscape, then turn to a virtual model of Eurorack modular synthesis that`s free and open source as a platform - VCV Rack. We`ll explore:

1. How to get VCV Rack installed, and how to keep up with bleeding-edge development builds
2. The basics of some synthesis ideas that work especially well in the modular world (like physical string models), walking you step by step through constructing some sounds
3. How to assemble some basic rhythms and melodies (so this isn`t just noodling)
4. How to map to a MIDI controller for live performance without the screen + mouse
5. Integrating clock/sync and audio I/O with other software - including how to combine Rack with software like Ableton Live

And we`ll finish with some discussion of how this software rig might be relevant even if you add some physical hardware (even including an actual Eurorack rig).

We`ll leave plenty of chance to play and ask questions, and some time to network with one another for follow-up sessions to jam, share music, and learn more.

For free registration press "Tickets" button or this link https://maininmain.timepad.ru/event/791867/

Peter Kirn